Fortune - Staring At the Ice Melt
The Drums - Summertime
Timber Timbre - Timber Timbre
Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
The Antlers - Hospice

U2 360° At The Rose Bowl

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Réédition de Dirty des Sonic Youth (parue le 02/01/2003 )

Le 04 Mars prochain sortira une réédition de l'album "Dirty" des Sonic Youth. Cette nouvelle édition, se présentant sous la forme d'un double CD, contiendra 20 titres supplémentaires (B-Sides, démos et inédits) ainsi qu'un livret de 28 pages. Tracklist CD 1 : "100%", "Swimsuit Issue", "Theresa's Sound World","Drunken Butterfly", "Shoot", "Wish Fulfillment", "Sugar Kane", "Orange Rolls, Angels Spit", "Youth Against Fascism", "Nic Fit", "On the Strip", "Chapel Hill", "JC", "Purr", "Creme Brulee", "Stalker", "Genetic", "Hendrix Necro", "The Destroyed Room". Tracklist CD 2 : "Is It My Body", "Personality Crisis", "The End of the End of the Ugly", "Tamra", "Little Jammy Thing", "Lite Damage","Dreamfinger", "Barracuda", "New White Kross", "Guido", "Stalker", "Moonface", "Poet in the Pit", "Theoretical Chaos", "Youth Against Fascism", "Wish Fulfillment".